Awards & Reviews

Magne turntable, 2019, by Dr. Uwe Heckers

"Instead of enumerating other extremely stimulating musical experiences, I prefer to say it hones and frank: May the Magne merely be the entry-level product from the Bergmann company, but in fact, it`s nothing less than an absolute world-calss turntable, whose design, technology and above all its sound doesn`t need fear whatsoevercomparison, regardless of price range."

Magne turntable and tonearm
Audiaphilia, by Anthony Kershaw

"Oscar Wilde is also quoted as saying ‘I have the simplest tastes. I am always satisfied with the best.’ I could not agree more. Bergmann Audio designs and manufactures world class turntables. And now, through patience, passion and kindness, their Magne is the new Audiophilia reference."

Galder turntable and Odin tonearm
LP Magazin 2018, by Thomas Schmidt
"Bottom line..."
"Johnnie Bergmann has created a turntable with the combination of Galder and Odin, which exploits the extended technical possibilities to achieve an extremely high sound level."

Odin tonearm 2018, by chief editor Dirk Sommer
Sonically, the Odin restrains its impact to the music to an absolute minimum, as it does not add any colouration to the tracked music signal and clearly points out the individual characteristics of every cartridge installed to it. It displays such a sovereignty, that it instantly evokes reminiscences of the heavy analogue classics from Japan. Bergmann's "reference tonearm" presents itself in superb craftmanship, and offers a problem-free set up to any reasonably experienced analogue afficionado, at the latest when installing the second cartridge to it. With the Odin, Johnnie B. has created a universally-applicable linear-tracking tonearm, that takes the centre stage without any affectations, strongly recommending itself for an everyday use. Despite its appearance being thoroughly functional: Sonically, the Odin is a high-caliber!

Galder turntable and Odin tonearm
Stereophile 2018, by Michael Fremer
"In termes of quality of sound, engineering and build, Bergmann Audio`s Odin tonearm and Galder turntable perform way above their total price.
They sound and perform as well as their appearance suggest."

Galder turntable and Odin tonearm
Equipment Review 2017, by Dr. Krairerk Sintavanuruk
Another superiority of Galder was a deadly silence background. Very quiet and low noise floor. That is from a very well air bearing design.

Galder turntable and Odin tonearm
Analog 2017, by Ikuo Tsunoda
Bergmann Galder Bergmann Odin

Galder turntable 2017, by Roy Ervin Solstad
"One to role them all"
Bergmann's sound is absolutely magnificent, where the resolution and transparency is at a level I have not heard from vinyl ever. Not in my own audiosystem and not in others. It is as if there is more space between the instruments. Obviously, I should use the word "air", but it may be a way of saying on an airbearing turntable.
It allows every detail to be extracted without the slightest veil from anything, and the sound is expanding in both depth and width with sparkling precision.

Magne turntable and tonearm
Fidelity 2017, by Chief editor Knut Vadseth
If you are among those who get heartbeat when you meet aesthetically highquality design- furniture, art, or anything else, you'll need blood pressure medicine: Bergmann Magne is among the finest. In the audiofile world it is the Porsche 911."

Magne turntable and tonearm 2017, by editor Jan De Jeu
"More than skin deep"
I love Danish Design and for this reason alone, I would love to have the Magne in my listening room permanently. A second reason to refuse to return the Magne to its rightful owners has to do with its high level of built quality and finish. Both reasons make me enjoy this turntable just by looking at it. The third reason to choose this turntable has to do with the extremely thoughtful manner in which some techniques - especially the
use of air bearings - are implemented. This has resulted in a complete absence of problems related to friction and the main reason why details, dynamics, ambiance, imaging and authentic tonality are reproduced without any vagueness or smearing.

Magne turntable and tonearm
Cover 2016
"This turntable is born for piano"

Magne ST separate tonearm
Audiotechnique Hong Kong 2017

Magne turntable and tonearm
Stereo Sound 2015
Grand Prix 2015 award

Magne turntable and tonearm
StereoSound 2015

Magne turntable and tonearm
Fidelity 2013, by Chief editor Knut Vadseth
"Record Player for our Millennium!"
This is the most modern turntable I know of, and a classic Danish design like that of Georg Jensen. With new precision mechanic solutions and sophisticated use of air under pressure, Bergman give a more than 100 years old audio technology a new future ..."

Magne turntable and tonearm
Audiophilia 2014, by Anthiny Kershaw
Once more, a caring, bright designer/audiophilie has hit a technological home run. In a very attractive package, you`ll be purchasing "difficult" technologies that sound terrific, but without any of the fuss.
I want the best. I`m spoilt. I`ll admit it. My wife has to rein me in regularly. But, the Begmann Audio Magne is so good, I`ll be plotting to get into my listning room permantly. Very highly recommended.

Magne turntable and tonearm
Fidelity 2013, by Trond Torgnesskar
A linear Design Ikon
Many are those of us who have a relationship with Danish industrial Design, being it the chairs of Arne Jacobsen, the PH lamp, Heins elipse table or kitchenware from Stelton. all timeless pieces found in many home. But with the exeption of B&O, not so much of this enheritance cross over into in the hi-fi industry. Up until now. Time to meet the Magne Bergmann!

Magne turntable and tonearm
Analog 2015, by Yutaka Suzuki
Bergmann Magne

Magne turntable and tonearm
hifinews, by Steve Harris, Paul Miller
"It came alive with the fire of an impassioned musical event"
Bergmann`s no-nonsense Nordic design makes rivals look like fussy contraptions, and reflects the clarity of engineering thought that has gone into the product. Overcomming some old air-bearing bugbears, it is easy to set up. It then sounds delightful, with spaciousness, rich and rewarding timbres, and informative accurate bass. Doing justice to the finest cartridges, it is an outstanding example of the art.

Magne record player
Watt 2013, by Roy Ervin Solstad
"Air and Love"
I have heard many record players like has been more expensive and overall better than my own VPI Scoutmaster, but when it comes to bang-for-thebuck I have held a button VPI. Right now. For the bass and those dynamic properties of Magne is simply a notch or three sharper than the American player.

Magne turntable and tonearm
HiFi News 2012, by Steeve Harris
"Black is back"
Johnnie Bergmann really has overcome the old problems of the genre, with for example a simple and foolproof levelling system and a really quiet, oil-less air pump. Listning to the deck, I was rewarded with a tremendously open and informative bass, and a throughly exhilarating listning experience.

Sleipner turntable and tonearm, by chief editor Dirk Sommer
The Sleipner turntable/tonearm duo is, thanks to the airbearing technology, perfectly isolated from its surrounds and doesn’t mix any self-generated noise into the signal while playing a record. For that reason, it produces fine details and information tremendously well. Peak performance is reached in all other hi-fi criteria: The Bergmann Sleipner is one of two best turntables I've ever had in my listening room.

Magne turntable and tonearm
Image HiFi, by Roland Winter
Zero friction"
As you can see, the Magne plays price-independent, right at the top. Or, to put it a little further: This danish record player does not really have to worry about even the most expensive competitors.

Magne turntable and tonearm
VUMETRE, by Laurent Thorn
Si nous devions définir cette platine en deux mots, nous choisirions naturelle et lumineuse. Avec laMagne, l’écoute est toujours réaliste. Le son de la réalité est tout sauf formaté ou lissé. Il est tour à
tour violent, fluide, caressant, dur, explosif, velouté, subtil, et tout cela, la platine Bergmann parvient à
nous le faire partager sans la moindre ambiguïté. Certaines platines cherchent à perpétuer le mythe de l’analogique en proposant un son assez typé, quand d’autres s’orientent vers une écoute beaucoup plus proche du son de la réalité, quitte à sembler moins consensuelles. La Bergmann Magne fait partie de cette seconde catégorie, mais son autorité, son potentiel et sa justesse la sortent clairement du lot pour la placer sur le devant de la scène. Elle est certes proposée à un prix onéreux, mais quelle réussite !

Sindre turntable and tonearm
Image HiFi, by Uwe Kirbach
"Love is in the Air"
It is getting clearer, which I did not expect, the enormous train, the drive in the music, also the power of the timpani at the end of the first movement comes close to the Raven Black Night - amazing. and again and again it does not matter whether the strings in the adagio become loud or the blashers present their harmonic onbay of the sound in all chatters, there is always this self-standing, this unrestrainedness, this transcendence of the spaces, rhythms and structures. Wonderful.

Sindre turntable and tonearm
Hi-Fi+, by AllanSircom
Bergmann Sindre
"The sound was, quite simple, stunning. Stunning more for what it didn`t do than for what it did."

Sindre turntable and tonearm 2010, by W. Pacula
"you couldn`t wish for more"
Before I get to the summary I need to mention one more aspect of Bergmann's sound that makes it different from any other turntable – presentation of the space. Sindre's placement of the instruments on the stage in the space is just … perfect – you couldn't wish for more.

Sindre turntable and tonearm
Sound and Vision Magazine 2010, by Lefteris Xenos
"Cosmic Ether"
You have to imagine how vividly a large orchestra sounds when reproduced by the Sindre and how rich and outlined the string and wind instruments, due to limitless harmonics rendering. Of course you do not have to imagine it, as the Sindre is here live, awaiting the demanding listeners to (re)discover what leading vinyl reproduction is

Sindre turntable and tonearm
Absolute Sound, by Paul Seydor
"Thor`s Turntable"
When sound reproducing equipment can in effect disappear and replace itself with experinces like that- and this was but one of countless instances of the Sindre`s alchemy- well, let`s just say I can neither imagine nor bestow higher praise.

Sindre turntable and tonearm
Stereo Prestige and Image 2013, by P. Vercher
Bergmann Sindre
Rediscovering its vinyls, a very often overused qualifier, retains all its meaning here, as the Sindre with its radial arm, without mechanical constraint, is able to extract with precision, without loss of contact, nor pressure unbalance on the right and left flanks of the groove of an entire face of 30 cm, the "billions" of information up to the most minute serious following the same radial path as that of the burin engraver of origin

Sindre turntable and tonearm
LP-Magazine 2009, by Holger Barske
Excellent optical design, harmonious concept, brilliant implemented: From now on, Denmark has something to say when it comes to high-class turntables.