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Enjoy reading., 2017
by editor Jan De Jeu

"More than skin deep"
Those who have read the complete story above will probably agree with me that this review does not need a conclusion because all has been said already. This is not how it works however… There will always be people only interested in the final verdict and therefore only read this final paragraph. Because of this, I would like to summarize one more time what I have experienced using this turntable combination. I didn’t start describing the looks of the turntable first by accident. I love Danish Design and for this reason alone, I would love to have the Magne in my listening room permanently. A second reason to refuse to return the Magne to its rightful owners has to do with its high level of built quality and finish. Both reasons make me enjoy this turntable just by looking at it. The third reason to choose this turntable has to do with the extremely thoughtful manner in which some techniques - especially the
use of air bearings - are implemented. This has resulted in a complete absence of problems related to friction and the main reason why details, dynamics, ambiance, imaging and authentic tonality are reproduced without any vagueness or smearing. The biggest quality of this turntable however is its self-effacing sound, enabling the full capabilities of the cartridge and phono pre amp to be fully appreciated. Not before was I able to recognise the unmistakable qualities of the Benz Micro Glider SL so strongly and not before did I hear every adjustment on my ASR Basis Exclusive phono with so little effort. I would like to conclude by stating the obvious; if I had 10.000 euro available for the purchase of a turntable, the Bergmann Audio Magne would be at the very top of my list.

Fidelity 2013
by Chief editor Knut Vadseth

"Record Player for our Millennium!"
This is the most modern turntable I know of, and a classic Danish design like that of Georg Jensen. With new precision mechanic solutions and sophisticated use of air under pressure, Bergman give a more than 100 years old audio technology a new future ..."