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Airbearing Turntables

 Airbearing Tonearms

When design & sound matters

Bergmann Audio Products

Galder-turntable-system From Bergmann - Black Edition

Galder Turntable

Airbearing design with vacuum hold down as an option. Galder accept up to 4 tonearms- radial or linear tracking arms.

Modi Turntable

Airbearing design. Modi turntable accept up to 2 tonearms- radial or linear tracking arms, 9” to 12” tonearms.

Magne Turntable With Tonearm From Bergmann Audio

Magne Turntable&Tonearm

Magne is a fully airbearing turntable and linear tracking airbearing tonearm system.
A design icon.

Products: Odin Tonearm. Danish Design From Bergmann Audio

Odin Tonearm

Bergmann`s reference linear tracking airbearing tonearm. The universal airbearing tonearm, designed to fit almost any highend turntables.

Products: Magne ST Tonearm. Danish Design From Bergmann Audio

Magne ST Tonearm

Bergmann`s entry level linear tracking airbearing tonearm. Them moving part of the tonearm simply floats on a thin cushion of air.

Bergmannaudio Armboard Black

Additional armboard

Additional armboards, with changeable insert, to fit any tonearm model and brand is available, for 9” to 12” tonearms.


Full dust cover designed for the Magne turntable. Acrylic, with beautifully processed cutouts for cables and hand grip.

Airbearing turntables and linear tracking airbearing tonearms

Airbearing Turntables And Tonearms Closeup Danish Designed

Awards & reviews

Worldwide Rewiews and awards. ” If you’r only satisfied with the best”…

Airbearing Tonearms Closeup.

Linear tracking

The linear tracking tonearm, on Odin Tonearm, tracks the record as it…

Advantage of using airbearings

“Air bearings are superior to traditional bearings, as airberings do not generate mechanical friction, and therefore no mechanical noise – thus the perfect starting point for the highest achievable analog sound.”

-Johnnie Bergmann

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