Bergmann Audio

Handcrafted in Denmark

Extreme airbearing technic.

Covered by minimalistic Danish Design.

Bergmann Audio - Vallerbaekvej 112 - 7470 Karup - Denmark - info[snabela]

Let's make one thing clear!

Surprisingly, it has come to our attention from our loyal distributors, whom have read on various hi-fi blogs, that Bergmann Audio has been acquired by a second party.
We can assure you that the ownership of Bergmann Audio is unchanged.
Bergmann Audio is expanding, but within Bergmann Audio's own independent spirit and ownership.

We're looking forward to seeing you all at the upcoming shows:
Munich Highend Show, May 15. – 18. 2014.
T.H.E. SHOW, NewPort Beach, May 30. – June 1. 2014.

Best regards
Johnnie Bergmann Rasmussen