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Galder gold edition

Galder & Odin Gold Edition

24 Carat luxury in design and sound

Galder T.T. with Odin T.A. A beautiful and elegant combination of Black Velvet finish and 24 carat gold plating.
As pleasant to the eye as it is to the ear.

For those who want luxury in all aspects

Galder & Odin, fully airbearing system, is provided with Bergmann Audio`s user friendly vacuum hold down, to gently tighten the record to the platter. High fidelity sound as known from the original Galder & Odin.

Galder with airbearing tonearm

Galder & Odin Gold Edition - Features

  • 24 carat golden luxury
  • High quality sound standards as the original
  • Implemented airbearing technology
  • User friendly vacuum hold down
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