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Understanding linear tracking turntables

If you are new to the world of vinyl records and high-fidelity audio, the concept of a linear tracking turntable might seem a bit daunting. However, understanding this technology can enhance your appreciation for high-quality sound.

What is a linear tracking turntable?

A linear tracking turntable is a type of record player designed to play vinyl records with exceptional accuracy. Unlike traditional turntables, which use a tonearm that moves in an arc, a linear tracking turntable uses a tonearm that moves in a straight line across the record. This design mimics the original way records are cut, providing a more precise playback.

Key features and advantages of linear tracking
linear tracking tonearm

Perfect alignment

The tonearm moves horizontally in a straight line, staying perfectly aligned with the grooves of the record. This contrasts with traditional pivoted tonearms, which move in an arc and can introduce tracking errors.

liner tracking plinth

Reduced tracking error

By following the grooves exactly as they were cut, linear tracking turntables minimize tracking errors and angular distortion. This leads to a more accurate sound reproduction with less distortion.

vinyl record tracking

Improved sound quality

The reduction in tracking error means that linear tracking turntables provide superior sound quality. This is especially noticeable towards the inner grooves of the record, where traditional tonearms can struggle.

tonearm airbearing

Simple mechanism

Traditional turntables are often mechanically operated, incorporating motors and sensors to control the tonearm’s movement. The Bergmann turntable ensures precise tracking with air bearing technology.

high end linear tracking


Due to their advanced design and technology, linear tracking turntables are generally high-end. For those who value high-fidelity audio, the investment is worth it.

airbearing linear tracking

Unique design

Linear tracking turntables from Bergmann have a distinctive appearance, with the tonearm housed in a special airbearing mechanism that allows it to move smoothly across the record.

Audiophile grade performance

The precise tracking and reduced distortion result in audio playback that is incredibly close to the original recording. This high level of accuracy and clarity is highly prized by audiophiles.

Even record wear

The straight-line movement of the tonearm causes more uniform wear on the record, which can help extend the lifespan of your vinyl collection.

Technological excellence

The advanced technology used in these turntables, such as motors and sensors for precise control, reflects a high level of engineering. This often translates to better performance and reliability.

Airbearing tonearm

Bergmann Audio’s linear tracking and airbearing tonearm floats on a thin film of air, eliminating mechanical friction. This results in incredibly smooth movement and precise tracking, further reducing tracking errors and enhancing sound quality.

Leading the way in linear tracking technology

Bergmann Audio is a well respected name in high-end audio equipment, particularly known for our exceptional linear tracking turntables. We have a reputation for combining technological innovation with elegant design and reliability. Despite their advanced technology, Bergmann turntables are designed to be user-friendly. Features like intuitive controls, and low maintenance requirements make them accessible to both seasoned audiophiles and newcomers.

The Thor linear tracking tonearm, a prime example

The Thor tonearm is a standout innovation from Bergmann Audio. Named after the Norse god of thunder, it is designed to deliver powerful performance.

Linear tracking mechanism

The Thor tonearm uses a linear tracking mechanism that ensures the pick-up moves in a perfectly straight line, mirroring the original cutting process of the record. This design minimizes tracking errors and produces highly accurate sound reproduction.

Airbearing technology

By using airbearing technology, the Thor tonearm eliminates mechanical friction, allowing for smooth and precise movement. This results in lower distortion and a clearer, more detailed sound.

High quality materials

Constructed from premium materials chosen for their acoustic properties, the Thor tonearm looks and feels luxurious while contributing to superior sound quality.

Aesthetic design

Featuring a sleek, minimalist design, the Thor tonearm adds a touch of elegance to any audio setup.

Thor tonearm

Linear tracking turntables offer the pinnacle of vinyl playback technology, providing unmatched sound quality and precision.

Elevate your listening experience to new heights

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