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Odin tonearm

by chief editor Dirk Sommer.

(Statement) Sonically, the Odin restrains its impact to the music to an absolute minimum, as it does not add any colouration to the tracked music signal and clearly points out the individual characteristics of every cartridge installed to it. It displays such a sovereignty, that it instantly evokes reminiscences of the heavy analogue classics from Japan.

Bergmann’s “reference tonearm” presents itself in superb craftmanship, and offers a problem-free set up to any reasonably experienced analogue afficionado, at the latest when installing the second cartridge to it. With the Odin, Johnnie B. has created a universally-applicable linear-tracking tonearm, that takes the centre stage without any affectations, strongly recommending itself for an everyday use. Despite its appearance being thoroughly functional: Sonically, the Odin is a high-caliber!

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