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Galder & Odin review in Audio Columnist

By Kim Pyeong.
Admire the mechanics and sound, Bergmann Audio Galder & Odin.
Final thoughts:
“There are a few audio devices I’ve reviewed over the years that have left me mesmerized by  their mechanics, design and sound. Now, on the turntable and tonearm side, I’d like to add the Galder and Odin. First of all, the air bearing and linear tracking design that is hidden in every corner is amazing, and the eye and skill of the designer to create such a concise visual representation of it is amazing. I can still feel the weightlessness of sliding the sliding pipe of the Odin tonearm with my hands, or the sound of a vinyl record sliding left and right like ice on a rink. Most of all, I’ll never forget the feeling of being on stage at Doors. I recommend serious listening for LP lovers.”

Read the article: HiFi Club, August 2023

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