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Galder turntable and Odin tonearm.

by W. Pacula.

(Summary) “Bergmann shows emotions through changes in dynamics, precise attack, and not through a saturated presentation of the vocals. These are very natural, but not everyone expects naturalness from vinyl, right? It’s an open sound in which the quality of the band’s extremes is better than in case of the 99% of other designs and resembles what I know from TechDAS (Air Force) turntables and the Lumen White Myst ere model.

If this is what you are looking for, that is, the truth of the source, and not “your” truth, the Bergmann system will be ideal for this purpose. Let’s add a great make and finish to it, and we’ll get a truly reference design”.

Read the article: Highfidelity, September 2018

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